Sunday Masses

St Patrick’s St George

1st Sunday   –    Saturday Vigil    –                                6.00pm

2nd Sunday   –                                                                   8.30am

3rd Sunday   –                                                                    8.30am

4th Sunday   –                                                                    8.30am

5th Sunday   –                                                                    8.30am

St Theresa’s Dirranbandi

1st Sunday    –                                                                   7.30am

2nd Saturday   –                                                                6.00pm

Hebel                   1st Sunday   –                                     10.00am

Thallon                2nd Sunday   –                                    11.00am

Bollon                  4th Sunday   –                                     11.30am

Weekday Masses – St George

Monday                               5.30pm                          St Patrick’s Church

Tuesday                               7.00am                          St Patrick’s Church

Wednesday                         5.30pm                          St Patrick’s Church

Thursday                             7.00am                          @ 69 Alfred Street

Friday                                  10.30am                         Warrawee

                                                5.30pm                         St Patrick’s Church

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Thursdays: 5:30 – 6 PM

Confession on Thursdays after the Exposition (6 PM); or by appointment 

The Rosary in May and October on Fridays after the evening Mass

Office Contact:

Mrs. Stella Baxter

66 Victoria Street, PO Box 23, St George QLD 4487

Ph: 07 46253021


In a true emergency, please phone 0428304318 – Priest